Smart Living Modular

    Modular construction offers a series of practical benefits, including climate-controlled environments; reduced onsite work; onsite staff; heightened quality control; enhanced waste capture, reuse and recycling; quality in mass and custom design; teams rather than individuals; improved health and safety.

    Smart Living Modular has assembled leading industry experts who are highly focused on developing a world class Modular solution suitable for both Commercial & Residential projects.

    Flat Pack Plans and Designs

    Urban Design and Living

    Modular Building

    Flat Pack for Developments

    Ideal for Apartments/Units, Terrace Houses, Town Houses, Bungalows, Residential Development of any Kind.
    Can also cater for Hotel Rooms, Workers Accommodation, Serviced Apartments, Offices, Shops and other Retail.

    Urban Design

    We believe that by infusing the ‘layering of ideas, social linkages and cultural patterns’ to deliver a stimulating, vibrant and healthy community, will commence a build programme that is easily adaptable to site locations and the built architectural forms and external spaces.

    SLM Module

    Our Modular Buildings are made as independent structural modules which can easily be slotted together side by side and can be stacked on top of each other up to 6 storeys high. Further design is underway to achieve much higher stackable heights.

    For all Smart Living Modular enquires please contact us at Modular Enquires